Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wisconsin's Dairyland

Our day today started with waking up in Prairie du Chien Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. It wasn't as glorious as it sounds as we were also parked about 200 feet from the railroad tracks with freight trains running about every ten minutes until 2 am or so. Thinking I could get some photos of the river when we woke up proved to be a hopeless idea as the fog didn't lift until late morning.

We took the Great River Route scenic byway up route 35 in Wisconsin follows along the Mississippi River. Every now and again the road would veer into Wisconsin's farmland and to our surprise we only encountered 1 dairy farm, today's blog image. After crossing into Minnesota we got on a highway to make tracks so we could prepare ourselves for the next scenic highway adventure somewhere in the state of 10,000 lakes.


  1. Great colors in this photo! I'm looking forward to the MN portion of your trip--wave at my family as you drive through! :)

  2. Fantastic farm scene, Trina. I love it.

  3. Love the colors Trina! Great job...

  4. Excellent rural scene Trina! From the cows, to the barn, to the blue sky. Nice capture.