Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rural Iowa

Our trip out west thus far has been quite an adventure. From bee stings, to losing a credit card, to frying the brakes on our RV, we've had our share of things gone wrong. It's been a heck of a learning curve, but slowly we are getting used to life "on the road."

In spite of all the setbacks we managed to get as far as Illinois by the end of our second day. There wasn't much photo taking opportunities as our truck problems required our full attention. Today was an easier day and we travelled some rural roads in Iowa. Learning to nagivate the backroads and stop a 12 year old 22 foot RV to photograph the scenery has posed it's challenges, but I did get this image of rural Iowa.


  1. This is beautiful Trina! Love the road & the Blue sky with puffy clouds.