Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Usually photographing dogs is much easier than photographing cats. But in the case of Angus and Nuke the opposite was true. And yes, those are their real names! Nuke, short for Nanook, ran and hid everytime I got the camera out. It didn't matter whether it was a cell phone camera or anything else. He wanted nothing to do with it. For all the begging and pleading I did, I got not one single photo of him...nada, zilch. I've never met a dog that was that terrified of a camera!

Angus on the other hand hammed it up for me. Most cats you simply can't ask to sit and then make noises so they will look right at the camera. Angus turned our adventure into a game. As long as I had his favorite feather toy and rolled upside down right along beside him, he would do just about anything I wanted him to!

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