Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day traditions

Traditions are a big deal in my husband's family. So for memorial day weekend we made the trek to Ohio and Indiana to put flowers on the graves of his relatives, many of whom he has never met, as his family has done for at least 4 generations now. For 99 years, the Bauers have spent the summers on Lake Hamilton. What began as a campsite has evolved into a tiny little cottage with modern day appliances. Which is a good thing.

Like all the other families there, memorial day weekend is for "opening" the cottage, which includes hanging the American flag on the front porch. Out here in the middle of nowhere, you will find some of the most diehard Americans in this country. A place where time has almost stood still, towns look as they did in the 1950s, and everyone knows everyone's name. Quaint is how I would put it.

Happy memorial day!


  1. The picture and story are so real I feel as if I was there.

  2. This is a nice twist on a familiar image. This is the same tradition that my family has done each Memorial Day when I was growing up. When I traveled the midwest in my youth, I experienced exactly the same things that you described in your narrative. I found all the small midwest towns that I visited very friendly, down-to-earth, traditional, and unchanged. It was very refreshing. I even found a real soda fountain in a small drug store, just like they used to have all over the place when I was a little kid. I hope you had a great Memorial Day.