Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Heart of Gold

There are some days I wish I could erase from my life. Friday was one of those days. We got the biopsy report on the cause of Mika's collapse earlier in the week and the news was grim. Who knows how this journey will go, but each day I have with her is a day I will treasure. I vowed I would take a photo of her daily (can you ever have too many photos???) to remind myself just how blessed I am. This photo was taken the day after that horrible day, just 4 days after her surgery. She is recovering well and acting more like herself. Like so many golden retrievers, Mika has always been such a happy dog, so full of love and so easy to love. She truly has....a heart of gold.


  1. Lovely photo of a beautiful dog. Thanks for sharing your story.