Friday, February 12, 2010

Tropical gas

While the northeast was getting pounded with it's second snowstorm in less than a week, I've been in cold, but sunny south Florida. It hasn't turned out to be the warm break from the winter I had hoped it would be.

One afternoon, we headed over to Boca Grande to watch the sunset. It wasn't much of a show, and to top it off, the winds were blowing at about 20 miles per hour. I about froze walking around on the beach. Boca Grande is a quaint little town on Gasparilla Island. Stepping into Boca Grande is like stepping back into "old world florida". Here you will find no traffic lights, no high rises, no malls and the main mode of transportation to be bike or golf carts. The country store where the locals buy their groceries was built around 1941. At that time, gas was available for purchase. Today the pink gas pump is no longer in service, but serves as a reminder of what once was.

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