Sunday, February 7, 2010

Country Lane

Yesterday's storm dumped a whopping 15" inches of snow here in Happy Valley. Forecasters predicted we would get between 4 - 8", so we weren't too excited when news reports claimed this might be a record breaking snowstorm. Guess we had our share of the excitement afterall!

South of State College is a town called Belleville. It is largely an amish community. I've been here dozens of times hoping to find a great bargain at one of their many flea markets. After the storm cleared out I headed over to Big Valley and checked out one of the neighboring towns, Allensville. Here I found winter's glory at it's best.


  1. Nice rural snow shot. I wish you could have gotten that silo framed by that branch but it's still nice. Have a great trip to sunny Florida!

  2. Thanks Dan! I never noticed the tree branch overlapping the silo. Something to think about in the future...