Monday, October 26, 2009

Technicolor tree

In Happy Valley, we've had some spectacular sunsets lately, all of which I missed either because I didn't have my camera or I was at the wrong place when they happened. But I had one location in mind I wanted to check out and tonight I happened to be driving down that street as the setting sun was in it's last moments of glory. By the time I got to this tree I had enough time to pull over and snap a couple of images before the show ended. I know I'll be back to visit this tree again.


  1. Hello Trina,
    I really find it magnificent backlit photo of the tree.
    Just a few questions to learn. Exif data says that you used a 120 mm lens, a 5.6, the exposure time of 1/20 and an ISO of 800 (equivalent)
    I think you used a tripod, then I ask: why not use a larger aperture? and thereby reduce the iso; and why did you use an exposure time so long?
    Is that the scene was so dark and the lens was not faster?
    In other words, why did you choose these parameters.
    Thank you in advance.

    I hope that when you return to visit the tree, the sky is as beautiful as that day.
    Pd. sorry for my poor English

  2. Superb capture, Trina. I love the subtle mix of colors.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Roberto. To answer your question, I hand held the camera when I took this photo. By the time I got to this location, the sun was setting so quickly I didn't have enough time to get out of my car and set up a tripod. But you're right, had I done so, I would have used a smaller aperature and a lower iso setting.

    Thanks Paul!