Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This guy was about 5 feet from me when I snapped the shutter (no kidding!). In the Theodore Roosevelt Park in North Dakota the bison roam freely throughout the park. If you're lucky as we were, they will graze along the roadside. We went over to some cabins where about 50 bison were grazing peacefully nearby. I wandered into the pack and one took a great deal of interest in me approaching to within a few feet from where I was standing. There are signs all over the park warning that these beasts are unpredictable and not to do anything to disturb them. I backed up not wanting to find out if the warnings are valid.

The day we visited the park, the temperature was in the 80s, a bit warm for a hairy creature such as this. Though he looks as though he is going to charge us, really, he is panting heavily to try to stay cool.


  1. What an awesome capture, Trina. We should start calling you Bison Bauer. :)