Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today is my nephew's 6th birthday. I took this photo of Sean on sunday at his birthday party. I've always sworn I would be the type of photographer who would do only minor adjustments to any photo I take. But I have to admit, as I study other photographers' work, I have found myself drawn to many images that have been digitally manipulated, some would say, enhanced.

Sunday was an overcast day and Sean was in the backyard playing with my dog. Knowing I needed a fast shutter speed, I upped my ISO to 800 which created a grainy image, thus the first decision to convert to black and white. I felt the image still needed something else, so I added the vignette and a black border around the edge. So far, it looks better than the original color photo, but I think I can do better. I've already spent a lot of time playing around with various options...have I discovered my new addiction???

PS...Happy birthday Sean!!!


  1. This is such a lovely dedication to your nephew!
    has some great actions for portraits, if you wanted to explore!

  2. I love his expression, his beautiful, clear skin, the lighting. Well done. Your pp works really well. (What about eliminating the little branches above his head; you could clone them out.)