Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bear Meadow

Located in Rothrock state forest, Bear Meadow is a popular area for local residents to hike and bike. Though I've hiked here many times through the years, I've never taken my camera with me. Last week I decided to rediscover this park, capturing this image in my waders while standing in the creek. The water was cold and my so called waterproof waders leaked more water than I cared for!


  1. Too bad about your leaky waders. But, look what a great image you captured! I love silky water shots. I'll have to add waders to my list of photo equipment. I usually either shoot from shore or balance on a rock.

  2. Outstanding image Trina! You go girl with your waders even if they did leak ;-)

  3. Thanks everyone!! A little water wasn't going to stop me!