Thursday, April 9, 2009

Florida scrub jay

The scrub jay, found only in Florida is an extremely tame and inquisitive bird. They have no fear of people and will take any food offered right from your hand, though it is illegal to do so. They are an endangered bird due to development in Florida and thus are most easily found in parks established to protect the species.

This particular bird is sitting on top of my husband's head. I was about 10 feet away when I snapped dozens of photos and only made minor adjustments including a little cropping to the original image, demonstrating just how unafraid they are. It wasn't long before another bird hopped onto my head while I continued to take photos!

The scrub jay was not the only wildlife I photographed while in Florida. Other photos will be posted to my flickr site.

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  1. Man, isn't it something that they come so close!!! Hope you had a great time!!!