Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I wanted to do this blog to challenge myself to take more photos and improve my photography skills. I figured since my photos were already being published on my husband's blog, it was time I had my own blog. Unfortunately, I'm not a writer like he is, so if you're looking for a good laugh, check out his blog at I, on the otherhand, will stick to descriptive prose and photography!

It snowed overnight. This morning it was very pretty outside, the snow covered trees just begged to be photographed. So I set out for a drive in the country in an attempt to find a snowy landscape scene. I have always loved scenic winter photos but have found taking photos of snow to be a more difficult task than it appears. I ended up in Springton Manor Farm, a place I learned about in a photo class I took last spring. By the time I arrived there, the fog was really thick and it seemed there would be nothing to photograph. I turned around in the parking lot to head home and saw this scene.


  1. This is a fantastic winter scene! Welcome to Blogging:) Congratulations on taking the leap... Thank you for your kind comments!

  2. You're welcome Mary! Thanks for visiting my blog :)